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Island of Elba

Island of Elba

The Island of Elba is the largest of the Tuscan Archipelago, is located about 10 km from the coast of Livorno to which it’s connected by frequent ferry rides.

Elba is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Tuscany because it unites crystal clear sea, pristine beaches, Mediterranean nature and gastronomy of excellence all in one place.

In summer, most tourists focuses on the beaches and bays of the Elba coast to enjoy the sun and the fresh air of the sea. Many of these are perfect for snorkeling and diving to discover the beautiful island waters and wrecks resting on its seabed. In summer the conditions are also ideal for sailing, to rent e boat or buy a trip you can rely on many nautical circles.

However, Elba is rich in fun opportunities all year long. Spring and autumn are perfect especially for cycling, hiking and mountain biking. The whole territory is crossed by paths and trails that allow you to explore the hilly hinterland or go up to the top of the highest mountains.

The west area of Elba is characterized by hills and low mountains that barely graze 1,000 m high. Going up to these peaks on dirt trails used for hiking and mountain biking you have the chance to admire the villages and beaches from above. This area is also known as the “Costa del Sole” because of the presence of sandy beaches and cliffs ideal for basking in the sun of the Tuscan Archipelago.

The east area of Elba is instead known as the “Costa che Brilla”, famous for the bright colors and reflections of the bay and the hills covered with vineyards. The island’s winemaking tradition has ancient origins and is spread throughout the territory, but here in the east, the vineyards are located in an idyllic location overlooking the sea.

At the center of Elba Island are the largest and the most populated towns and large and suggestive gulfs. This area is also the busiest in the summer, popular for its wide sandy beaches and low waters rich in marine life.


According to the legend, the Tuscan Archipelago has originated from the pearl necklace of Venus, goddes of love and beauty, fallen into the sea.<br /> For sure, this gentle myth hides some true facts because the islands of the archipelago are indeed pearls of the Mediterranean.