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Elba Island Events

The events that take place throughout the summer across the island are many and varied.

Concerts, theater, street performances, exhibitions, food festivals, dances in the streets, sporting events, meetings with cultural figures.

In Marciana Marina, from June to September, are held various events organized by the local administration.

We recommend in particular the Jazz Festival in July, the Feast of St. Clare on August 12 and on the island the International Festival of Classical and Jazz Music and the Wine Festival in September.

To review the major events of the summer season you can connect with Elbalink, the island’s most important Elba.


According to the legend, the Tuscan Archipelago has originated from the pearl necklace of Venus, goddes of love and beauty, fallen into the sea.<br /> For sure, this gentle myth hides some true facts because the islands of the archipelago are indeed pearls of the Mediterranean.