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Marciana Marina

Marciana Marina

A picturesque fishing village overlooking the north coast of the Island of Elba, Marciana Marina is a popular tourist destination that can offer its visitors relaxation and fun, perfumes and authentic flavors. The town extends alogn the bay and is surrounded by the lush Mediterranean nature that dominates the island.

It is a rather young municipality enstablished “only” in 1884 after separating from the city of Marciana Alta, placed on the immediate hinterland hills.
However numerous archaeological remains found in the area confirmed that, already in Roman times, on this stretch of coast were placed some settlements.

A short distance from the coast, reachable by swimming or boating, is the small Island of Paolina Bonaparte, named after Napoleon’s sister, where are the ruins of an ancient Roman building.

Dominating the profile of Marciana Marina is the watch tower of Pisa built during the Middle Ages to defend the local harbor from the attacks of the Saracen pirates. To visit in the old town is even the Church of Santa Chiara dating back to 1776.

Best Beaches

Marciana Marina Beach: Located on the city’s waterfront, convenient for those staying in the town that does not want to travel by car. The pebble beach is never too crowded. In the middle of it is a long pier used by children to dive into the sea.

Fenicia: The most beloved beach by all the inhabitants and tourists of Marciana Marina. Long and wide, with two bathing establishments and a kiosk, this white pebble beach is also ideal for snorkeling.

Fenicetta: Younger sister of Fenicia, located on its left. You can reach it through a concrete gangway that allows you to walk easily between the rocks to the beach.
Small and intimate, it offers many perfect spots for diving. Up of it is the Tower of Appiani, the town symbol.


Many other beaches and sandy coves are located along the coast between Marciana Marina and Procchio. They can be reached via dirt paths that start directly from the street above.


According to the legend, the Tuscan Archipelago has originated from the pearl necklace of Venus, goddes of love and beauty, fallen into the sea.<br /> For sure, this gentle myth hides some true facts because the islands of the archipelago are indeed pearls of the Mediterranean.